2020 Toyota Yaris Adventure New Toyota Yaris Adventure is about to make its debut at the 2019 New York International Auto Show. Part truck and part sedan, this new family member will fill the void of subcompact pickup segment that has never truly existed. In fact, this is an interesting move from Toyota, given the fact that nobody asked for such a solution. However, we are also open for new ideas and solutions, so here we are, reviewing Toyota's bold new machine!

Just like the RAV4 defined the small SUV segment back in 1994, Yaris Adventure would try to change the face of the subcompact pickup segment. The vehicle features a 52.3-inch bed with a payload of 297lbs, perfect for hauling coolers and sets of golf clubs!

Defining features

Yaris Adventure comes with a standard 1.5-liter inline four-cylinder power unit that delivers a total of 103hp and 112lb-ft of torque, both being the top of the segment. Furthermore, the vehicle features a 7.6-inch ground clearance and 42.5-inch legroom that are also class-leading goodies.

Exterior design

Furthermore, 2020 Yaris Adventure comes with a bold body language. The front-end showcases hexagon lower front grille and sharp-eyed headlamps. The automatic LED headlamps not only ensure bright light when needed, but also fit neatly the aggressive and yet elegant expression of the Yaris Adventure.

167.2 inches long, Yaris Adventure can fit into parking spaces that otherwise other trucks would pass up. This is a real bonus for urban drivers, even though Yaris Adventure is created to leave town and roads.

Utility features

Toyota's latest experimental machine is geared with coil-spring double wishbone front suspension and leaf spring rear suspension systems. This entire setting, along with the 7.6-inch ground clearance, makes the perfect combination for taking small curbs in mall parking or going to friend's villa.

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Also, the drivetrain system features Dynamic Torque Vectoring AWD that was recently introduced with the new 2019 RAV4. However, the exclusive model will also be geared with an exclusive AWD system some time later, so stick with us for further details!

Source: Toyota