Few sports cars are developed specifically for Britain's roads.  Those that have been tend to become true ‘driver's cars'.  Alfa Romeo is planning for the new, limited edition Alfa Brera S to join those ranks.

After a year of intensive suspension and chassis development at Prodrive, the world-leading motorsport specialist, the result is a sports coupe that subtly enhances all that is good about the original Alfa Brera, while bestowing it with outstanding driver feedback and handling.

Distinctly different from the rest of the line-up, this unique addition to Alfa Romeo's UK range includes refined styling changes, inside and out.  And to ensure ultimate exclusivity, production of the Alfa Brera S will be limited to just 500 individually numbered models.

Power comes from a choice of two existing direct injection petrol engines – the 185 bhp 2.2 JTS and the 260 bhp 3.2 V6 JTS.

Marketing director at Alfa Romeo UK, Nicholas Bernard, says: "Significantly, the Alfa Brera S isn't simply about brute force, it's about how the available power is transferred to the road and how the road surface is communicated back to the driver to bring new levels of sports handling and driver-focused confidence and involvement."

Briefed to make the Alfa Brera S less of a long-distance tourer and more sporty on UK roads, the engineering team at Prodrive developed a unique suspension set-up. Prodrive engineers meticulously experimented with spring rates and ride heights to match the reduced weights of the 2008 model year Alfa Breras. Then followed an extensive damper tuning exercise to achieve the desired ride/handling balance and steering response required by driving enthusiasts in the UK.

Alfa Romeo Brera S (2009) - picture 1 of 6
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According to Prodrive Project Leader, Peter Cambridge, the result is "a car that ‘shrinks' around the driver and delivers all the fun and engagement of a sports car driving experience on A and B-roads.  Yet, on motorways, offers a compliant and composed ride."

The sports car driving experience is achieved by reducing roll and pitch, flattening the cornering attitude, and subsequently instilling confidence-inspiring steering.

Peter Cambridge comments: "Our painstaking work with the spring set-up controls exactly how much the car pitches and rolls with every lump, bump, camber and pothole on our roads.  Then we developed the dampers to control the rate at which the springs respond.  Once we were satisfied with that, we set about really affecting the feel and response of the steering to inspire confidence."

To reduce roll and pitch and achieve an even flatter cornering attitude, Prodrive commissioned bespoke Eibach coil springs and Bilstein dampers.

Spring rates are increased by over 50 per cent compared to the standard Alfa Brera, giving the car a more nimble and agile feel, while the specially tuned gas-filled mono-tube dampers give tighter body control.  A careful balance has been created to maintain good compliance over ridges and bumps in the road.

At the same time, the suspension static geometry has also been revised to optimise steering and handling. These changes, together with new 19" alloy wheels and Pirelli PZero Nero tyres, have created a more responsive turn-in to corners, with increased driver feedback, allowing the driver to explore the dynamic limits of the car.

To further enhance suspension geometry, the cars have been lowered by 10 mm front and rear. This lower centre of gravity helps reduce roll and improve cornering and braking performance.  In addition, the lowered suspension gives the Alfa Brera S a more purposeful stance.

At each corner of the Alfa Brera S, unique Alfa 8C Competizione-inspired, lightweight 19" alloy wheels have been fitted.  Although the wheels are eye-catching, the all-new design was commissioned by Prodrive primarily for performance, rather than just cosmetic appeal.  The reason is unsprung weight – the weight carried by the car on the ‘road side' of the spring and shock absorber.  This plays a significant role in the way the car steers, handles and transmits feedback to the driver.

The lighter the wheel, the better it tracks undulations in the road surface without requiring heavy damping to control it.  The unsprung weight has been further reduced by the adoption of hollow anti-roll bars and aluminium suspension components from the Factory.

As a result, the weight of both Alfa Brera S models is lower than the rest of the range. The front-wheel drive 3.2 V6 JTS is almost 100 kg lighter than the Q4 version and the 2.2 JTS version weighs 35 kg less.

The Alfa Brera S also sounds different from the standard range. The original characteristic growl of the V6 has been enhanced by careful redesign of the rear silencers. Thanks to a Holmholtz resonator connected in tandem with each silencer, the 2.2 JTS model now emits a sportier yet refined burble.

The exhaust has been altered to mirror the shape of the rear lights. Finished with chrome embellishers, they feature a Prodrive logo on the tailpipe exterior.  This is just one of several subtle exterior enhancements to the award-winning Alfa Brera, including Prodrive branded front stone deflectors, and a bespoke red ‘S' or ‘SV6' on the C-pillar.

Inside the 3.2 V6 JTS Alfa Brera S, changes are more obvious.  Not only are the supportive sports seats upholstered in soft black Frau® leather with red stitching, so are the dashboard fascia, door panels, steering wheel and gearlever.  The centre console and instruments are faced in a dark finish.  This interior can also be specified on the 2.2 JTS version.

Foot pedals are fashioned from drilled aluminium and the headrest recess houses a limited edition Brera S aluminium plate, featuring the flags of Italy and Britain.

For the record, the 2.2 JTS and 3.2 V6 JTS Alfa Brera S can reach 62 mph from rest in 8.6 and 7.0 seconds respectively, on the way to maximum speeds of 139 and 155 mph.

The transition from Alfa Brera to Brera S takes place at Alfa Romeo UK's dedicated import centre, near Bristol, and is overseen by Prodrive.

Nicholas Bernard says: "The standard Brera is well loved and delivers a great all-round driving experience.  But the Alfa Brera S is deliberately honed, tuned and
fettled for British roads and aimed directly at a dedicated audience of driving enthusiasts."



2.2 JTS

3.2 JTS V6

No. of cylinders, arrangement

4 in line

60 degree V6

Bore x stroke (mm)

86 x 94.6

89 x 85.6

Displacement (cc)



Compression ratio



Max. power output: bhp (kW-EC) at rpm

185 (136) 6500

260 (191) 6300

Peak torque: Nm (kgm-EC) at rpm

230 (23.4) 4500

322 (32.8) 4500

Timing system (control)

DOHC (chain), 4 valves per cylinder, double electrohydraulic continuous phase variator

4 OHCs (chain), 4 electrohydraulic continuous phase variators

Fuel feed

MED 7.6.1 electronic direct injection integrated with ignition system

MED 7.6.2 electronic direct injection integrated with ignition system




Battery capacity (Ah)/Alternator (A)









Number of gears

6 + 1R

6 + 1R

Final ratio






Standard version

235/40 R19

235/40 R19


Steering system

Rack and pinion with power steering

Rack and pinion with power steering

Turning circle (m)







Independent with double wishbones and anti-roll bar located via ball joints

Independent with double wishbones and anti-roll bar located via ball joints


Independent with Multilink architecture

Independent with Multilink architecture



2.2 JTS

3.2 JTS V6

Front (mm)

Ventilated 330 x 28 D, fixed aluminium calliper with four 42 mm pistons

Ventilated 330 x 28 D, fixed aluminium calliper with four 42 mm pistons

Rear (mm)

Solid 278 x 12 D, combined 38 mm floating calliper

Ventilated 292 x 22 D, combined 42 mm floating calliper




Fuel tank capacity (litres)



Kerb weight DIN (kg)



Max towable weight (kg)






Top speed mph (km/h)

139 (224)

155 (250)

Acceleration (driver + 30 kg): 0 to 62 mph (s)






Urban cycle mpg (l/100km)

22.2 (12.7)

17.2 (16.4)

Extra urban cycle mpg (l/100km)

39.2 (7.2)

35.8 (7.9)

Combined cycle mpg (l/100km)

30.7 (9.2)

25.7 (11.0)

Exhaust emissions – CO2 (g/km)



Emissions Standard



* According to 1999/100EC directive                                               Alfa Romeo recommends SELENIA engine oil, PARAFLU protective coolant, TUTELA functional fluids


ALFA BRERA S 2.2 JTS and 3.2 JTS
  • VDC with Hill Holder (ABS + ASR + EBD + Brake Assistant)
  • Fire Prevention System (FPS)
  • Power assisted steering
  • Driver, passenger, front side, window & driver knee airbags
  • Front seatbelts with pretensioners and load limiters
  • Alfa Code immobiliser and alarm system
  • Electronic key with remote central locking and boot release
  • "Follow-Me Home" headlamps
  • Electronic start/stop button
  • Electric front windows with one touch function and anti-intrusion sensor
  • Dual-zone automatic climate control with split temperature and distribution function (air nozzles at rear, pollen filter with active carbon filter and AQS)
  • Stainless steel kick plates
  • On-board instrumentation with multifunctional display and trip computer
  • Car radio with audio CD player (6 speakers)
  • Rear parking sensor
  • Front fog lights
  • Cruise control
  • Front armrest with temperature controlled storage compartment
  • Brushed aluminium centre console
  • Front seats manually adjustable (height, distance, tilting and lumbar adjustment)
  • Electrically folding, adjustable, heated wing mirrors
  • Italian Frau® leather upholstery with red stitching
  • 19" alloy wheels with 235/40 tyres
  • Prodrive engineering dampers and springs
  • Revised exhaust silencer
  • Front stone deflectors
  • New design chromed exhaust pipe
  • Aluminium sports pedals
  • Sports leather steering wheel and gear knob with red stitching and steering-wheel mounted radio controls
  • Sports instrumentation
  • Exclusive seat aluminium badge plate
  • Italian Frau® leather dashboard with red stitching


Alfa Brera S 2.2 JTS 3.2 JTS
Trim Italian Frau® leather upholstery Italian Frau® leather upholstery
Seat Colour Black with red stitching Black with red stitching
Fascia Black Black leather with red stitching
Carpet Colour Black Black
Special Paint
Alfa Red






Carbonio Black



Touring Grey



Standard |


Basic Price £ VAT £ Retail Price £ OTR Charges £ Total OTR £
Alfa Brera S
2.2 JTS 20,634.04 3,611.00 24,245.00 705.00 24,950.00
2.2 JTS with leather dashboard 21,910.64 3,834.00 25,745.00 705.00 26,450.00
3.2 JTS 23,451.06 4,104.00 27,555.00 895.00 28,450.00