Alpha-N is a relatively new, German based tuner house that has risen from the ashes of the now completely reorientated Veritas-VBT company. Today, they tickle our curiosity with this slim and healthy BMW 1M. As you can tell, It has been on a carbon-fiber diet which has shed weight but it has also been working out as it now flexes it's muscle with 70 hp more. It's the Alpha-N Performance 1M RS.

As we start off with the carbon-fiber winglets at the sides of the front bumper, we go through the carbon-fiber hood, then the roof, the trunk, the lip spoiler and the rear diffuser. Alpha-N are not too specific on exactly how much weight has been lost but we'll have to believe them and say "a lot".

Under this vented, hood, new airways provide better aspiration, an ECU map of the modified 3.0-liter engine brings the power to 410 hp and the new and sonorous exhaust system provides back-pressure relief. For stopping power, a set of MAC disc brakes sizing 380 mm have been used at the front. The pads within the six-piston calippers have flexible steel lines for better friction. Friction is also provided by the Michelin Cup 245 front and 265 back tires which are wrapped around extremely light O.Z. Superforgiata rims measuring 8.5x19 and 10.0x19 respectively.

The photo shoot has a deliberately close-up nature so that we can witness the interwoven carbon-fibery goodness that is most of the BMW's exterior. See for yourselves:

Alpha-N BMW 1M RS

Source: Alpha-N