2019 APR Volkswagen Atlas APR, one of the most prominent Volkswagen and Audi tuners reveals its latest project: a neatly refined and heavily upgraded VW Atlas. By utilizing contemporary hardware and software features, the lucky vehicle delivers tons of power and benefits from exquisite drivetrain system upgrades and changes.

The custom-built Atlas comes with a 2.0-liter TSI engine with AWD system, making it ideal for road- and off-road challenges. And given that the team has managed to add a kick to the stock 235hp and 258Nm and enhance these numbers to 350hp and 350Nm, we are sure that driver and passengers will enjoy pleasurable and dynamic ride every single time.

This notable result was achieved by installing a factory IS38 turbocharger from VW Golf R and APR's custom ECU upgrade. Further exclusive goodies include Carbon Fiber Intake System, Cast Race DP Exhaust System, Turbo Inlet Pipe, Turbo Muffler Delete and custom catblack exhaust system. In addition, there's also custom APR 6-piston 350mm Performance Brake upgrade. Neat!

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Also, in order to provide clearance for the Toyo Open Country M/T 275/55R20 tires. APR team has installed new bullet suspension that lifts the whole vehicle with additional 1.5 inches. Furthermore, the rear trailering arms were fabricated to complement the lift kit, while APR's Light-Weight S01 20x9-inch Forged Wheels are enhancing the aggressive exterior presence in spectacular way. And as we talk about exterior design, we should also mention that the vehicle is covered in custom vinyl wrap that was also designed by APR and installed by Digital Precision in Alpharetta, Georgia. Enjoy!

Source: APR