2021 Volkswagen AtlasSport Utility Vehicles have become one of the most popular choices for families not only in America but throughout the globe. And there is a fine reason for such high demand – these machines offer the best from the world of convenience and safety, along with the best of the motorsport segment – refined drivetrain systems, enhanced performance rates, and overall reliable and flexible body structure.

Keeping itself true to this concept, the Volkswagen team has developed its Atlas model up to date to contemporary demands by customers and has included tons of handy gadgets that make the vehicle more convenient to use and more reliable. Since its introduction in 2017, Atlas has remained one of Volkswagen's bestsellers across America – as it seems, this is one of the most successful models of VW in its entire history! Let's find out what makes this one so desirable and prominent across brand's enthusiasts, shall we?

Interior space

2021 Atlas is geared with seven seats as standard and allows for the entire family to ride along comfortably regardless of the final destination – school, vacation, or the marketplace. Additionally, for the warmer seasons, this large SUV offers the aid of three-zone climate control, which allows passengers to adjust heating and cooling to their own needs.

An additional handy feature is the addition of 17 cupholders! However, these may turn into crayon holders, phone stands, snack dishes and much more!

2021 Atlas is a car-seat friendly SUV

2021 Volkswagen Atlas

Being aware that families are often on the go and the safety seats can be a hassle, Volkswagen engineers have included several styles of car-seats that are easy to install and come in different styles – average-size infant seats, convertible seat, harnessed booster, and backless booster. Because of its bench-style seating in the second row and overall vehicle width, new Atlas allows for three child seats in the second row, making it a welcoming SUV especially for young families.

Numerous driver assistance features

The standard technologies in 2021 Atlas include Front Assist, which is designed to warn drivers of a potential frontal collision with vehicles and pedestrians, and in some cases can even activate the automatic brake. Additionally, the vehicle is geared with Park Distance Control and Parking Steering Assistant and with the optionally available Lane Assist and ACC gadgets that aid the driver with steering and baking in congested traffic situations.

Massive cargo space

2021 Volkswagen Atlas

Whether we talk about hobby equipment, groceries or luggage for the upcoming vacation, the 20.6 cubic feet of cargo behind the third row ensures that families will have more than enough space for what's on today's to-do list. However, for these enthusiasts who seek even more, the Volkswagen team would not disappoint them – the third-row can be folded down and by doing so additional 55.5 cubic feet of cargo are easily acquired!

Peace of mind for both parents and new drivers

Volkswagen team has also included Car-Net suite, which is standard on every Atlas vehicle. It includes numerous Remote Access services for no additional charge for five years. Furthermore, the suite includes Roadside Call Assist, Speed Alert, Curfew Alert, and numerous more. Additionally, the inclusion of the Car-Net app makes the entire process of controlling and monitoring young drivers even easier and quicker.

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Infotainment systems

2021 Volkswagen Atlas

With the already mentioned Car-Net, 2021 Atlas allows parents to provide entertainment for the kids during the long hours on the highway. Additionally, the included Car-Net Hotspot allows passengers to access the internet with up to four connected devices simultaneously. Also, the already Existing Verison Wireless customers with an unlimited data plan can add their VW vehicle as a new line item to this plan, while non-Verizon customers can set up a new plan for quite an affordable monthly subscription.

Source: Volkswagen