The German premium sports car manufacturer Audi has announced its line-up for the 29th edition of the Worthersee Tour (May 12 - 15) in Reifnitz (Carinthia), Austria. In the spotlight at the brand's booth at the tour will be the all-new urban mini ride Audi A1, which will be dressed in seven amazingly stylish and different finishes displaying the car's huge variety of individual customization options. Moreover, the recently unveiled Audi R8 GT, a limited-production version of the high-performance sports car, will be presented to the general public for the first time.

Stefan Sielaff, Head of Audi Design shares: "The Audi A1 fits in with the GTI meet because customization has always been a central topic for the Audi fans here at the Worthersee and will also play a special role for A1 customers."

One of the customized compact eye-catchers will be a FC Bayern dedicated A1, which boasts Arjen Robben's Number 10 on the roof and on the doors. Fitted with a large logo of the Germany's most successful football team on the bonnet, a custom front bumper and a modified diffuser in the rear, this A1 remarkably stands out from the crowd. Another sleek feature is the sill sporting visual cues from the S line.

On the newly styled, extravagant Audi A1s, the exterior is not the only section that differs from the stock ride. The brand's design team also re-styles the cabin ambience of the Worthersee cars with great attention to detail, the approach so typical of Audi. The A1 "competition kit" with the "legends interior plus" package, for example, is inspired by the Audi rally rides from the 80s. In addition to exterior visual cues such as the Amalfi White paint finish and the original colors of the Urquattro (Begonia Red, Stone Gray and Gray Brown), the interior also evokes memories of the racing successes racked up by quattro technology, which is celebrating its 30th birthday. The center console, the door handles, the rearview mirror – the rally design with the bold Number 1 extends thematically throughout the entire cabin. The "competition kit legends interior" and "competition kit legends interior plus" accessory packages are precisely matched to the exterior and, in contrast to the other motto vehicles, will also be available directly from the factory or in classic After Sales from Audi Genuine Accessories immediately upon market launch.

The Audi A1 Follow Me design excels in Citrus Yellow shade contrasted by a black checkerboard pattern. It resembles airport ground control vehicles and features complex color gradients that extend to the bicolor wheels.

The Hot Rod A1 model sports a matt-finish and extremely low ride height achieved via an air suspension. Reinforcing this look are steel rims with white-wall tires in classic hot rod style.

The Worthersee A1 fleet will be also backed by two production Audi A1 models, the A1 1.4 TFSI in Misano Red with a dark gray contrast arch and the A1 1.6 TDI in summery Scuba Blue.

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