With the 29 days until the Le Mans 24 Hours event, Audi is preparing for battle for its 14th victory in world's hardest race. As you might know, Audi has won the race 13 times since 2000. And now the team is preparing for one more try. Another interesting fact is that Audi assembled all of the Le Mans winning modes for a big group photo.

The victorious start was set with Audi R8 in 2000. The winning model featured simple design to ensure quick repairs. A year later, in 2001, FSI technology made it through the development of engines. The gasoline direct injection and the optimized consumption played its role: between 2000 and 2005 Audi has won Le Mans race five times.

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In 2006 Audi came with another innovative system. The R10 TDI was the first Le Mans winner with diesel power. Something more. Ever since then, Audi relies only on diesel engines for the race.

In fact, the R15 TDI is known and for one more event. It broke the 39-years record at La Sarthe in 2010. And as you know, a year later in 2011 the Audi R18 TDI debuted. The latest car become an instant winner, because of the aerodynamics and the incredible fuel efficiency.

And since then, Audi LMP1 cars have been designated as R18. The 2012 R18 e-Tron Quattro is the first Audi hybrid sports car, that marked the next big step. The brand set the milestone at Le Mans in 2013, when won one more time with upgraded version of the model. With a V6 TDI engine in the rear and with the hybrid system at the front, this car dominated the race. Since then Audi continues to work hard and improve the hybrid technology. In 2014 it won one more time with even faster laps, but with lesser fuel consumption: it used 22% lesser fuel energy, compared to the last race.

We wish Audi team good luck and to be even more successful not only at Le Mans race, but also in the field of producing technology.

Source: Audi