Complete body kit, optimised engine and enormous wheels for Audi Q7 S-Line from the famous tuning company JE Design. All parts come with TUV Certificate so the quality is guaranteed.

Firstly, the 3.0 litre diesel is pumped from 233hp to 285 hp and the maximum torque raised from 500 to 550Nm and the top speed from 210 to 219 km/h. The enormous 2 300kg SUV accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 8.4 seconds, rather than 9.1 with the old version of the ECU settings.

The ECU remap costs 1499 Euro including VAT plus a one-year warranty on the engine, turbocharger, gearbox and drivetrain. For additional 199 Euro, you can extend the warranty for a further year. The whole process takes a few hours in JE Design's workshop. As an alternative, you can send the engine control unit by courier and get it again the next day.

JE Design Audi Q7 S-Line (2010) - picture 1 of 5
JE Design Audi Q7 S-Line (2010) - picture 2 of 5
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The widebody kit by JE Design underlines the aggressiveness of the vehicle. It includes covers the front spoiler corners which JE DESIGN offers for the Q7 S-Line in pairs, with and without the wide body kit (690 Euro), the twelve-part flared wheel arch kit including the door trim (2699 Euro), and the rear bumper extension with lozenge-shaped double exhaust outlets on both sides (1798 Euro). The forbidding look facing forward is achieved by the headlight covers (99 Euro). At the rear the spoiler tail unit, which in addition covers the C-pillars (1099 Euro), ensures the required down-force and finishes the staggering exterior of Q7.

The JE Design Wide Body kit is available also fon non S-Line models. The engineers at JE DESIGN have developed the wide construction so that it fits on all Q7 models regardless of year of manufacture and the Facelift Model (apart from the W12 TDI).

Further enhancement is the electronic lowering (1428 Euro), which makes JE Design Q7 to stand at 35mm nearer to the ground. As we talking about "standing" – the SUV has 10Jx22" alloys finished in graphite-silver with polished edge strip and Ultra-High Performance 295/30 tyres from JE DESIGN for 5190 Euro. The wheel spacers move the wheels at the front 60 millimetres, and on the rear axle 80 millimetres outwards so that they fit flush with the wider body (409 Euro). The steering angle limiter ensures the wheels cannot touch the chassis (49 Euro).

After the upgrades, Q7 has entire new exclusive exterior and some more power under the hood. The big SUV now is something more than a family ride, it has its unique character.