When it comes to creating a TOP END car audio systems, the word POTENTIAL has key meaning. The experts from SONY Bulgaria Team know that and they are pleasantly surprised us for a consecutive time at this years Sofia Auto Exhibition.

The Audi Q7 Xplod has arrived just a few days beafore the start of the exhibition. The originators of that "SOUND MONSTER" are Seles Audio, located in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The Q7 Xplod is equipped with six amplifiers, three 15'' subwoofers, 10 stereo speakers, DVD player and six LCD monitors – altogether with 1500W RMS.

Four midrange stereo speakers - Sony Xplod XS-H170SN are installed on the front doors, another four but this time high-frequency ones are mounted on the dashboard, pointed horizontally to the driver and the passengers. The last two speakers are located in the rear doors of the Q7.

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With escalating excitement we are passing on to the heart of the Q7 Xplod which is located under the trunk instead of the front cover. In that part the Slovenian tuners has achieved incredible acoustic and visual furore.

The amazing deep-toned bass sound is reached thanks to three slim type stereo amplifiers - XM-4S and three subwoofers XS-154P5В. There are other three XM-1S mono amplifiers embedded in a specially designed wave form of fiber glass, dressed in red leather. To enhance the already breathtaking look of the trunk, a multimedia console with four - XVM-H65 LCD monitors is bent like an arc just above the amplifiers and the subwoofers.

For the full multimedia experience, the car tuners have decided to attach two portable DVD players to the back of the front seats and two monitors XVM-H65 to each of the front doors.

It's time to concentrate our attention to the 2 DIN DVD multimedia Sony XAV-W1 system, which runs the whole "Discomobile" and creates that ultimate in-car listening environment. The XAV-W1 is a multifunctional player with big variety of features including Karaoke and a wide range of equalizers.

The Audi Q7 Xplod is insulated with Dynamat thus eliminates the parasitic "jangling" sound.