Autech Japan, the Nissan's accessories affiliate has announced an X-TREMER X program for the newly revised Nissan X-TRAIL SUV. Scheduled to hit the Nissan's dealerships network on August 23rd, the extremely robust X-TREMER X will boast a price tag between 29,500- and 38,800-USD.

Focused exclusively on the powerful SUV's off-road driving experience, the X-TREMER X program highlights few special exterior parts, such as a front overrider, undercover and dedicated large-size fog lamps. These additional elements are engineered mainly to protect the X-TRAIL's underbody, and to add even more of that extraordinary massive presence.

The new Autech program is also available in more complex model dubbed X-TREMER X Plus Navi HDD, which benefits from a high-performance HDD navigation unit as standard equipment.

Nissan X-TRAIL X-TREMER X (2010) - picture 1 of 2
Nissan X-TRAIL X-TREMER X (2010) - picture 2 of 2

Base models 20X / 25X / 20GT
Changes to base models
  • Front overrider
  • Front undercover
  • Dedicated large-size front fog lamps & dedicated fog lamp finisher
  • Side protective moldings
  • Rear undercover
  • Mud guard
Body colors
  • Burning Red
  • Diamond Black (P)
  • Brilliant White Pearl (3P)
  • Brilliant Silver(M)
  • Himalayan Khaki (M)
(P) is short for Pearl, (3P) is short for 3 coat Pearl and (M) is short for metallic.
* Interior color is black 〈Z〉.