The tuning company B&B, based in Siegen (Germany) refined the new Audi Q7 Facelift. Actually, they created a real monster, which has 595ps and 1270Nm of torque under the bonet, developed by 6.0 litre V12 Turbo diesel engine.

The engine tuning has two stages. First – an increase of the boost pressure of 0.2bar, which costs 2.498 EURO and the second stage includes changes to the suction pipe, airflow and air cooling system and modifications to the unit-injector element. With rebalancing the ECU software of the SUV the power reaches 595hp and 1270Nm, really an amazing results for diesel engine. Stage one for the V12 TDI costs 2.498 EURO and the stage two is 7.950 EURO.

The company B&B also offers two tuning stages for Audi Q7 4.2TDI. At the Stage one the results are 375 hp and 850 Nm of torque and the stage two reaches 400 hp and 900 Nm of torque. The first stage costs only 1.698 EURO and the seconds is much more expensive EUR 4.950 .

There are three tuning stages available for Q7 3.0TDI. First one is increase of the boost pressure of 0.15 bar, priced at 1.398 EURO to reach 280 hp and 585 Nm. Stage two costs only a hundred more - 1.498 EURO and the results are much better 300 hp and 600 Nm. The maximum output power of 3.0 litre TDI engine comes with stages three. The engine reaches 325 hp and a maximum torque of 640 Nm.

The company offers special B&B alloy rims for the Audi Q7 - 20", 22" and 23" are available in the option list.

There is also a optimization of the air-chassis, which can be lowered by 50mm, this will cost you another 985 EURO.

The aerodinamyc package from B&B includes: front and rear skirt, fender enlargements and roof spoiler. The price is 3.498 EURO.

B&B Audi Q7 Facelift (2009) - picture 1 of 3
B&B Audi Q7 Facelift (2009) - picture 2 of 3
B&B Audi Q7 Facelift (2009) - picture 3 of 3