2016 Blue Train

Bentley Motors are remembering the iconic "Blue Train" race, dramatically won by the Bentley Speed Six back in 1930 with the special Mulsanne Speed "Blue Train". Debuting this week at the Techno-Classica show in Essen, Germany, only four examples of the hand-crafted Crewe will be shown. The beauties can be seen between 15th and 17th April.

The "Blue Train" Limited edition is carefully built to bring as many historical references as possible. And for a brand like Bentley even the smallest details deserve special attention. For example, the interesting patter in the door panels and rear quarter are almost the same as the original.

Other wonderful reference is the dashboard, that includes marvelously crafted image of the original Bentley "Blue Train" Speed Six. There are and some elegant additions. The treadplate plaques bear the "Blue Train 85 Years" and the front grille is slightly redesigned.

Mulliner exists to meet the requirements of not just any customer. As a result, the marvelous vehicles are especially designed and crafted. Every single part had its attention and only the highest quality products are involved in the art of creating such a masterpiece. These Limited Editions truly are special cars, built by a special event and for special people.

Source: Bentley