2013 BMW 1 Series is now being offered in three-door variant by the popular German brand. The model not only delivers a sporty and elegant design, but also comes offering a wider range of engine choices.

In fact this is the second body variant, which BMW added to the 1 Series, distinguished by its three doors and sporting characteristics. As you can see clearly, it has a sporty stance and elegant design, thanks to its attractive features.

What is more here is that this vehicle is characterised by the unique rear-wheel drive system and superior handling as well. And to tell you the secret of the inner circles of the brand – the highlight in the model range is the new BMW M135i.

Of course, there is no significant change in terms of exterior design, given that it is ruled by the powerful and typical for BMW style and proportions. However it has unique appearance. What makes is so distinctive is the dynamically stretched side line, wide doors with frameless windows.

In addition, the fluidic sculpture of the exterior is further emphasized by the side window graphics which are flowing seamlessly into the B pillar and strongly retracted side window graphics.

Moreover, it we can't go on without mentioning the powerfully contoured side panels. They have an accentuation of the rear wheel arches, which make them distinctive and unique. Furthermore, the side sill lines are extended to the front. With their help, the dynamically stretched appearance of the vehicle's silhouette is underlined additionally.

2013 BMW 1 Series 2013 BMW 1 Series

Let's put some attention to the interior features included in the new 1 Series range. Of course, they all emphasize the sporty nature of the car. First the handling profit is now increased in terms of body length: there were added additional 85 millimetres. In addition, the wheelbase is extended as well: here were added 30 millimetres.

Further millimeters were added to the track width: to the front – exactly 51 mellimeters, whereas to the rear - 72 millimetres. At last, the width was extended with 17 millimetres compared to the predecessor model. What remains the same here is thee vehicle's height.

Good to mention is that there is now a choice of two or three seats respectively at the rear. Thank to the aforementioned extensions of the car's body, now there is even more leg room at the rear – exactly 21 millimetres.

Additional space is provided for the luggage compartment, which was increased by 30 litres to 360 litres. And when the rear seats are folded, this means that the storage capacity can now contain up to 1 200 litres. The optional split folding is with 40:20:40 ratio.

What is more around the interior is that it was man with high-quality materials and precision in terms of craftsmanship. Its entire philosophy resolves in one central point – the driver-oriented cockpit.

Control display of the optional operating system iDrive fitted as a firmly integrated onboard monitor sporting an exclusive BMW flat screen design. There is also included a wide range of driver assistant systems and mobility services from BMW ConnectedDrive that are unique in the compact segment. These are: High-Beam Assistant, Adaptive Headlights, Rear View Camera, Lane Departure Warning including. Rear Collision Warning, Parking Assistant, Cruise Control with braking function, Speed Limit Info with No Passing Indicator, Internet access, improved integration of smartphones and music players, Real-Time Traffic Information and Apps for personalised web radio reception.

2013 BMW 1 Series Interior 2013 BMW 1 Series Interior

More importantly, the brand now offers an extended coice of petrol and diesel engines for its customers. In it are included the BMW TwinPower Turbo technology, and BMW 114i as new entry-level version with 75 kW/102 hp.

The available engines are:

• BMW 116i (100 kW/136 hp)

• BMW 125i (160 kW/218 hp)

BMW 116d (85 kW/116 hp)

• BMW 118d (105 kW/143 hp)

• BMW 125d (160 kW/218 hp)

• BMW 116d EfficientDynamics Edition (85 kW/116 hp)

Adding to these are the new:

• BMW M135i (235 kW/320 hp)

• BMW 118i (125 kW/170 hp)

• BMW 120d (135 kW/184 hp)

In fact, this is the first ever BMW M Performance vehicle, which is going to include the petrol engine: BMW M135i. It has a capacity of 3-litres and is a straight six-cylinder engine which produces 235 kW/320 hp. Adding further to its greatness are the M-characteristic suspension components and aerodynamically enhanced body features.

Furthermore, this engine will deliver uncompromised level of performance combined with exceptional fuel efficiency. Thanks to its typical M-style coherence between drive, suspension technology and aerodynamic balance this machine is able to deliver to every customer an exciting driving pleasure in a compact model.

Later in the year the BMW 118i (125 kW/170 hp) and BMW 120d (135 kW/184 hp) will also be available. They will come with and intelligent four-wheel drive.

A further highlight here is that for the first time in the 1 Series will be included the BMW xDrive. It will be available on the models BMW M135i xDrive and BMW 120d xDrive. Of course, the popular BMW xDrive will also be offered to the five door versions of the model range.

Additional important information is that every engine will be matched with a six-speed manual transmission. This will be the optional variant of course. And for those who prefer to drive a car with automatic transmission, the brand has prepared for them the unique optional eight-speed automatic transmission and eight-speed automatic sports transmission.

Contributing to the sportier feeling is the BMW EfficientDynamics technology, which feature the Auto Start Stop function. It works in collaboration with the manual and automatic transmissions as well as ECO PRO mode.

In short, everything in this BMW goes around the driving pleasure: the longitudinally mounted engines, the rear-wheel drive, the harmonious weight distribution and the sophisticated suspension technology. To be more precise, this is the best ever agility and driving comfort in the segment.

Part in this take the double-joint spring-strut front axle, five-link rear axle, the precise electromechanical power steering free from drive train influences, the variable sports steering (optional), the Dynamic Stability Control which in turn features DTC and Active Differential Brake (ADB-Sport) on the rear axle, the torsion-resistant body structure and at last but not least the comprehensive safety features.

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