The Spyder is an all electric performance car by BRUSA Elektronik AG, dedicated to prove that mature new generation EVs are sporty, fun-to-drive vehicles, far away from sluggish or even boring vehicles one might have in mind when talking about EVs. Spyder is a really powerful and lightweight sportscar, reduced to the essential. Its drivetrain consists of 2x100kW BRUSA hybrid synchronous electric motors, each one connected to a rear wheel, each one with its own controller, and a single high power battery of 16kWh. This special construction avoids a differential gearset and allows a great variety of driving dynamics configurations by torque vectoring. This way it is possible to support or avoid specific behaviour on the road. Think of it as similar to an ESP, but with higher degree of freedom. The rear axle drive configuration grants pure driving fun.

Its 200kW / 268HP drive will easily accelerate the 1000kg car to 200km/h, 0 to 100km/h should be achievable in less than 5 seconds, limited mainly by tyre grip. Those values have been calculated and simulated, but not proven yet, since the fine tuning of the car is still in progress. This in turn is a prerequisite to safely reach such speed and acceleration and - needless to say - full road-worthiness.

BRUSA Spyder EV (2009) - picture 1 of 3
BRUSA Spyder EV (2009) - picture 2 of 3
BRUSA Spyder EV (2009) - picture 3 of 3

Despite its stunning performance, the Sypder is a highly efficient vehicle: Projected energy use for 100km is below 15kWh, thus less than the equivalent of 1.5Liter of gasoline. How is that possible? The electric drive is efficient under all speed and load conditions, from full load to very light load, the latter being often the dominating part on the road. Combustion engines on the other hand, show good efficiency under heavy load, but mainly waste the energy under light or no load condition. It's not surprising thus that an electric vehicle is a comparably clean and efficient vehicle with low CO2 impact, even when recharged from "normal" grid.

Through Spyder, BRUSA and its partners aim to showcase the high performance and tremendous driving pleasure achievable by modern EVs - while being eco-friendly at the same time - as well as the high maturity level of all BRUSA drivetrain components like motor, controller, battery, charger and DCDC converter.

Key Technical Data:

Max. power 2 x 100 kW = 270 HP

Max. torque 440 Nm

Max. speed ~ 200 km/h

Acceleration 0...100km/h ~ 5 s

Curb weight ~ 1000 kg

Range > 100 km

System voltage 400 VDC

Battery capacity 16 kWh

Charging time (0..80% SOC)

@ 230VAC, 32A / 16A 2h / 4h