2015 Buick Avenir Concept will surprise us in the New Year with changed design proportion and rejuvenated interior. The car has just been introduced and it is currently making its world debut at the North American International Auto Show.  "Avenir" stands for future in French and this is no coincidence, since the car is distinguished by its futuristic looks - inside and out. First we see that the model features premium sports proportions and it actually embodies and interpretation of the original Buick design.

Avenir can show-off further with sculptural surfacing, expressive proportion and a sweep-spear bodyside. On the other hand, the interior ensures maximum comfort and piece of mind for the driver and passengers.

And have you noticed the long hood and the wheels-at-the-corners stance? However, the most striking difference from the contemporary Buick models is the new grille design. It includes a large opening highlighted by a return to the three-color (red, silver and blue) Buick tri-shield insignia, accented by wing-shaped elements. This new design element is flanked by bold headlamps that of course feature LEDs.

Buick designers have prepared for the Avenir a sophisticated color palette, which includes a Crystalline exterior color. This paint finish accentuates to another level Avenir's body lines. In addition, it also complements the interior perfectly.

Speaking of the cabin, it has only space for four persons. The interior focuses on the easier management of technologies and enhances the feelings of personal space and well-being. The surfaces are inspired by nature and sea waves and this can be seen in design motifs, which are featured on the seats and even carried over to the carpet.

Light and natural tones adorn the interior. They are blended with oiled and buffed wood trim and accented by Galvano satin-chrome elements. In terms of functionality - it is manifested in the car's device-integration technologies. They have been designed to lift the user's mood and make daily life easier.

For instance, Avenir instantly configures gauge cluster and infotainment screen displays based on prior customization. At the same time it can also recognize user's music preferences and recently visited locations.

At last, the personal connectivity has been extended to the rear-seat passengers. They have USB ports and video screens, which allow them to plug in to their favorite media and slip into complete relaxation.

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