The crew at Buick doesn't believe that LEDs are just lights, made to see the road ahead. They create masterpieces that mix crushing design concepts with incredible efficiency and flexibility. The Buick's visual identity is always connected to the offbeat design of headlamps and tail-lamps. Something more: new technology of crafting the light-emoting diodes allows designers to bring the next level of light efficiency and new age of crushing visual designs.

The lamps are a mixture of technical details and exquisite looks, which are revealed only to those, who dare to take a closer look. The headlamps and tail-lamps incorporate elements, that create a winged form and each "wing" contains the signature Buick logo and continues to the decorative trim and seating surface.

The light-emoting diodes allow specialists to have more control over the behavior of the light itself and over the efficiency. For example, the winged accents in Avenir's lamps confidently lighten the vision, regardless if it is a day or night. The turn signals illuminate in such grace and manner that bring the impression of waves upon a shoreline.

As you might know, Buick is a luxurious brand, which offers extraordinary designs, one-of-a-kind interiors and countless additional technologies. The team welcomes new clients with a portfolio of the award-winning models in America and even in China.

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