There doesn't seem to be something out of the ordinary with this Capristo Ferrari 458 Spider. Yes, it's shockingly yellow, but there are no bumpers, or skirts, or diffusers, or wings, stuff that you'd normally find on an after market product. It is an universal truth that the 458 needs little improvement, yet this one does sport a few changes here and there.

Take the engine cover/lid for example – its entirely new. Capristo's reasoning is that the standard one is too obstructive, hindering the vista of the glorious V8 that hides underneath. This one, as you can see, is rather transparent. Not only that but it now has more vents and bigger air-scoops for an increased stream of cooling air. You'd think that a Ferrari doesn't need any adjustments in the thermodynamic compartment, but there might be some logic behind the Capristo 458's flamboyant ports. See, the Sundern-based company also bolted on a bigger airbox from "baked carbon" which, supposedly, increases the torque with 25 Nm.

Add to that a custom-made exhaust system, and you have a brilliantly sounding yellow jacket that stings with 562 hp and 565 Nm. Ouch!

This is not the first time Capristo have enhanced a 458 Spider with their idea of an engine cover

Capristo Ferrari 458 Spider 2.0, 1 of 6
Capristo Ferrari 458 Spider 2.0, 2 of 6
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Capristo Ferrari 458 Spider 2.0, 6 of 6

Source: Capristo