2015 Chevrolet Spark EVChevrolet just announced, that the Spark EV 1LT will come with a really tasty price. And depending to the individual customization and tax and finance situation it can get into further variations. California and Maryland Spark EV owners could also qualify for rebates and excise exemption. Definitely good news for all the Chevy fans and customers.

In fact, with all the federation tax and fee credits, the Chevy Spark price can go even lower. But even with the wonderful price of the wonderful car, future customers should always get advice from tax or finance experts in order to create the optimal tax and fee plan for the Spark.

There is even a special pay-per-month lease with $0 due, that includes deposit and dealer fees, that altogether make the 2015 Spark one of the best purchases on the market today. This really is and offering, that deserves some serious attention.

In addition with the good news, let me remind you, that the gas-powered vehicle is capable of saving a lot of fuel and a lot of resources. In fact, the fuel consumption efficiency is one of the best for the brand and on the market in general.

Currently the Spark is available at Chevy dealers in California and Oregon, but soon enough, in mid-2015, the Spark EV will be available in Maryland.

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Prices start from  $14 995.

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