For customers dreaming up ways to accessorize the new 2010 Mustang, Ford just made it easier. At the Los Angeles International Auto Show, visitors can electronically customize a 2010 Mustang – and see it built right before their eyes in a Mustang Garage on the show floor.

"Nobody has done this before with a new vehicle as popular as Mustang," said Mark Conforzi, chief designer, Vehicle Personalization.

The Mustang Garage area features three computers for show visitors to use to create their ideal Mustang with accessories from Ford Vehicle Personalization. Available accessories include wheels, stripes, spoilers, hood scoops and side scoops – all in a variety of colors and finishes.

A design will be selected every hour, and a car will be built in front of the crowd to show exactly what the customer designed. Members from Galpin Auto Sports, best known for Pimp My Ride, will install the customers' choice accessories on one V-6 convertible and one Mustang GT coupe. Once the car is complete, the newly customized Mustang and the proud designer will have their picture taken together.

"It's the first opportunity where we can show the world we have this great new Mustang coming out, and we are offering a lot of new accessories with it," said Conforzi. Conforzi sees a definite trend in what customers want.

"Anything that looks technical is in fashion. More machine-like, low-gloss technical-looking surfaces are a strong trend, and in the right application, they look very cool," he said.

With that in mind, several unique finishes are offered on five wheels – black chrome, gunmetal gray powder coat, satin gold, chrome and high-gloss metallic white. Other accessories, like hood and side scoops, spoilers and the like will be available in silver, black or body color – plus a carbon fiber package.

Each of the 43 accessories to be offered for the 2010 Mustang will be on display in the Mustang Garage exhibit, giving visitors a clear idea of all the accessories they can leverage to make the new Mustang their very own.

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