Safety, high-quality and class have always been among the top priorities for DMC. Always showing the best of their skills, the tuning experts know what's missing in the style of a certain automobile and, therefore, manage to add it. Thanks to the excellent craftsmanship of the luxury tuner, different Lamborghini models and other sport cars have received some of the best enhancement packages ever.

Now, the TUV in Germany has tested DMC's carbon fiber and stated that it is not only safe and reliable but "extremely strong" as well. Thirty samples from DMC were received and were set to undergo quality, integrity and strength tests. But why is this so important?

In order to explain the significance of this matter, let's take DMC Lamborghini Huracan as an example. Its rear wing arrives with another base spoiler under it but if you wanted to install any after-market wing on the regular Huracan base spoiler, there is a huge chance it might be ripped off when driving at high speeds. And you really wouldn't like this to happen, right? Since the material of the original part is fragile and too light, an additional wing on top would turn into a disaster. BUT! The team of professional at DMC didn't simply model their base spoiler after the original. What they also did was tweaking it so it could be stronger and more reliable on the inside.

The refined interior design of this Lamborghini Huracan features Italian fine leathers and carbon fiber components. There are also a lot of buttons and trims that come as a small package and to make things even more interesting. The already redesigned steering wheel can be reworked once again for the VIP package.

Future owners, enthusiasts and fans can see the DMC Huravan in its TUV approved splendor during Geneva Motor Show. There, the tuning company will also present their new rims which come in a 20"/21" setup. They are considered to be the widest sets in the market so far.

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Source: DMC