It took exactly five years for the luxury tuning company DMC to be accepted to join the renowned Geneva Motor Show. The good new is that this year the visitors of the famous car exhibit will have the opportunity to "meet" the brand and get to know its work better. As a matter of fact, if one company wants to join the prestigious exhibitions, it can't just simply give money for a booth. To be accepted, the company needs to have professional background, and most important history.

So this basically means that addition of DMC to the auto salon in Switzerland signifies that it has already joined an elite level of brands. For the show is where the top players of the industry showcase their annual developments.

And to get us all heated up of the most important event, DMC specialists have just released a first teaser image, showing part of their line up. We are almost sure that we are going to see an all Lambo set-up, which will have a possible Stage2 Huracan kit.

We have already seen the Lambo which is going to be featured in the event, so we aren't quite sure whether there is to be a new project, or the already presented one. The DMC Lamborghini Huracan has a rear wing with an additional base spoiler under it. The latter is stronger and more reliable on the inside.

The interior design of the Huracan was also refined and now features fine leathers and carbon fiber components. There are also a lot of buttons and trims as well as redesigned steering wheel that come as additional packages.

During Geneva Motor Show, DMC will also present the new rims in the lineup. They will come in a 20"/21" setup and are considered to be the widest sets in the market so far.

On the teaser image we also see silver Lamborghini Countach, but we aren't sure we are to see it at company's stand at the show.

Source: DMC