Looking to sell your car fast and still make a great profit?  You are not alone.  Whether you are moving to a big city where you don't need a car, forsaking vehicles for bicycles for the benefit of the environment, or you need a larger vehicle for your family, most people will typically sell at least one car in their lifetime.  If you are in a hurry to get your car sold and get fast cash in your pocket, here are the easiest ways to sell your car quickly.

Compare With Other Listings

It goes without saying that selling your car at a lower price will get the car off of your hands quicker.  One excellent strategy is to find the value of your car in Kelley Blue Book.  Next, you can compare the price you find in Kelley Blue Book to the prices you find in your area.  If your competitors are selling your make and model vehicle at a certain price, you can adjust your price accordingly.  You may even want to go ten or more percent below the Kelley Blue Book price.  Certainly the lower the price the quicker your result—but that is up to your discretion.

Clean Your Car

You may want to sell your car in a hurry, but invest the time to clean it.  You will likely have lower offers and less of them if you have a stain on the seats or trash in the back.  Take your car to the local carwash and get it detailed inside and out.  Strip off your car decals with a razor and Goo-gone, vacuum your car, and deep clean all cup holders.  This is an easy way to automatically raise the appeal of your vehicle.

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Remain Safe

Do not try to sell so quickly you forget about proper safety.  When people want to sell their cars quickly, they can fall into a trap if they do not judge their buyer wisely.  You've likely heard some of the horror stories offered from Craigslist transactions (including dozens of murders a year).  Not only that, but bogus buyers have been reported to pay for cars with laundered money.  Here are a few tips to sell your car safely if you use an internet ad:

  • Meet in Public.  Always, no matter what the transaction, meet in public.  It is best to meet them in the middle of the day in a busy area.  If you are uncomfortable with a stranger knowing where you live, you can meet in a parking lot occupied by large stores such as Target or Wal Mart.  Have a friend or family member come with you to add to your safety.
  • Request their ID.  Not only is it illegal to drive without a license, but you will want a record of their personal information should something happen.  Some people take a photo of the license and send it to a friend.  You do not need to make a show of it—simply taking the time to snap the photo and send it to a friend should be enough.
  • Have them Pay with a Cashier's Check.  Why not cash or money order?  Because cash and money order can easily be fraudulent.  You should tell them in advance that you want the name and location of the bank branch from which you will receive your money and the name of the banker you can speak with for any questions.  If your buyer suddenly backs out of the deal when they hear this, then you may have dodged a bullet.

Consider a Car Buyer

At the end of the day, companies that buy carsmay be the quickest, safest, and most efficient way to sell your car.  You can hardly go wrong with an established business with a proven track record of giving sellers fair deals on their vehicles.  If you want a stress-free transaction, try looking for a car buying company in your area.