Ford F-Series Super Duty Strobe Light Front ViewFord F-Series vehicles are one of the toughest and biggest machines in the industry at the current moment. The news around them is that they just got a factory-installed strobe warning LED light kit. This of course counts only for the F-Series Super Duty trucks from the 2016 model year. The kit will be offered as an available option for $700 USD additional price.

The reason for this extra kit is that the vehicles like the Super Duty trucks require improved visibility while working on-site. These strobe lights on F-Series Super Duty trucks help perfectly at worksites and are designed to warn motorists and others that there might be workers, so they must proceed with caution.

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Furthermore, Ford guarantees that the no-drill option is not pliable to corrosion. In addition, to this, the front- and rear-mounted amber-lens strobe lights can be seen as far as 1,000 feet away during the day. This range is rated at one mile at night. They can be mounted on the rear edge of the hood without cutting or drilling.


There is also a replacement trim panel with pre-mounted on-off switch, which perfectly fits into the existing auxiliary switch port. What is more, the rear-facing signals are integrated into the center high-mounted stop lamp and they can provide up to 180 degrees of illumination.

Ford also assures that the LEDs are low-power, weather-resistant and very durable. However, they should be used only near work site and not during normal road driving.

Source: Ford