Lexus has just officially revealed its latest concept - the LF-NX Compact Crossover at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show. As one can see the design philosophy behind this vehicle is that it focuses on the growing segment of smaller, city-compact premium crossovers.

It is only 182.7 inches long and has a wheelbase of 106.3-inch. Although its smaller size when compared to other SUVs in the segment, it is youthful, confident and innovative; and it includes a new bold look that gives an insight into the future evolution of the Lexus L-finesse design language.

The exterior of the brand's new concept is definitely bold and delivers more distinctive and sculpted styling. The front of the new concept features a strong interpretation of the Lexus spindle grille. Here, both the chrome trim and grille mesh pattern are enhanced in size as the grille widens through the lower bumper area. This emphasizes vehicle's wide front track and powerful visual presence.

Furthermore, the upper edges of the grille create powerful lines which in turn define the hood edges. The base on the other hand is highlighted by a chrome-finished underbody panel. The front is characterized also by signature front lighting which includes three diamond-shaped LED headlamps and the independent Daytime Running Lights (DRL).

The front as well as the rear fender is formed by a series of muscular curves. The wheel arches incorporate black painted trim. In profile above the belt line, this Lexus combines with a steeply raked tailgate and integral spoiler to create an athletic stance.

Next, the rear of the LF-NX is includes sculpted lamp clusters that make an instantly identifiable light signature, and extend the full depth of the bumper. The wide lower bumper has been detailed without a visible exhaust system. This is because of the full hybrid powertrain with which the vehicle is equipped. At last, the exterior paint finish of the Lexus LF-NX concept is the new Brushed Metal Silver.

Going inside the vehicle, one sees that Lexus have continued here its ‘Human Oriented' L-finesse design philosophy. The interior features bold, powerful forms which create a driver-focused cockpit within an ergonomically ideal environment.

One immediately views that the center console extends the full length of the cabin and goes to the rear seats. Bright, brushed metal finish has also been applied to the driver's instrument meters, the steering wheel, the seat structure and the overhead console.

Black and Sunrise Yellow leather upholstery with contrast stitching is visible on the seats and soft parts f the interior, while sophisticated blue instrument and switchgear lighting add to the feeling off luxury.

The interaction with the switchgear and instrumentation is at the heart of Lexus interior design. The cabin of the car includes an upper display zone and lower operation zone dashboard. The upper display zone features an exclusive driver's instrument meter design. The other one serves in terms of allowing access to a new generation of touch-sensitive, electrostatic switcheson door trim, and the new Lexus Remote Touch Interface (RTI).

More importantly, the LF-NX concept is equipped with a full hybrid powertrain specifically updated for SUV performance. The full hybrid drive system includes a 2.5-liter, four-cylinder Atkinson cycle gas engine and a powerful electric motor. Of course, this only results in outstanding fuel consumption and low emissions.

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