G-Power offers you exceptional performance for the "old" 6-cylinder BMW engine, coded m54b30. The supercharger kit by G-Power boost the engine from 231hp to 306hp -  the same output like in the new 3rd series - 335i, which is 3.0 litre bi-turbo petrol engine.

Celebrating its 25th anniversary G-POWER is offering 25 unites of the G-POWER SK Plus NG supercharger systems for a special price: 3.320,00 Euro.

The result of Do-it-yourself supercharger system G-POWER SK Plus NG for BMW 330i E46 and Z4 E85 is 306hp and 360Nm for BMW 330i E46 - predecessor of the current 3rd series and Z4 3.0i E85. Installation without irremovable modifications to your car and detailed step-by-step installation manual .