2012 EDAG Light Car - Sharing concept car is thefirst vehicle to have been specifically designed to meet the needs of the growing car sharing sector. It is designed to include the maximum possible space inside, and also the exterior has resilient surfaces. It is electrically driven and in resonance with Light Car philosophy. In particular, the light is used as a means of communication to indicate the leasing status of the vehicle.


For leasing purposes a car should be practical, robust and self-explanatory. Hence the exterior is of height of 1.90 meters, which makes it easy for the passengers to get in and out. In addition there is very convenient parking system, which is sensitive to spots around the bumper. As the name shows, the light plays crucial role and serves as a communication instrument. When the car is being charged or reserved, or available for hire, the LEDs integrated in the gel pads and "PLEXIGLAS ® LEDs" manufactured by Evonik Industries AG use three different colors to give a highly visible indication of the status. In addition, there is a laser, which when parking the car or opening the doors, projects a safety zone onto the asphalt, ensuring that passengers can get in and out in safety.

2012 EDAG Light Car - Sharing concept 2012 EDAG Light Car - Sharing concept

Besides the two side doors with simple sliding windows, the "concept vehicle also has twin rear doors. The coupe features six folding seats arranged in two rows of three. A special emphasis has been put on an intuitive operating concept: aside from the accelerator, brake and steering wheel, the only other control is a lever to work the indicators. This means that there is just one display element, which only gives the important data (speed, charge, range, navigation). Furthermore EDAG Group is also exhibiting a networked mobility concept for booking the future share car fleet. In particular, the operators of future car will use GPS to locate their vehicles and communicate their locations to potential customers. Hence, it will be possible to inform the customer which cars are available, and then guide him to the nearest one by means of the navigation system in his smartphone. Of course, the booking will be made via Internet, and the customer can then access the vehicle through electronic "Bluetooth key".

In addition, the concept car features the so called "intelligent charger": besides performing the actual charge process, the "intelligent charger" also sends vehicle information via the power supply system and decides itself when is the perfect time for charging. It does this by taking into account the availability of renewable energies and mobility behavior. More importantly, the operator receives all important information on the status of the vehicle online. The communication between car and user is even further enhanced with new services such as automated legitimation and the selection of individual tariffs or prices per minute. This interconnection brings about considerable added value for the entire mobility system. What it does in details, is that it gives the energy provider the chance to make use of energy storage and in this way reduce load fluctuations in the grid due to electric cars being connected. On the other hand it ensures that there is sufficient resource-saving energy to charge the share vehicles whenever necessary.


Source: Edag