Suzuki SX4 Crossover is the C-Segment Crossover which makes a first world appearance at this year's Geneva Motor Show. The new SX4 is a production model which is based on the S-Cross Concept showcased at the 2012 Paris Motor Show.

The new model is a successor to the current production SX4. However, it has an increased size and includes four-wheel drive. The company created the new SX4 Crossover by mixing its compact car know-how with technologies honed for sport utility vehicles.

The result is the exceptional new distinctive styling of this Suzuki Crossover, its class leading space for passengers and luggage, its generation 4WD performance and its excellent low CO2 emission figures. In other words this is a model which offers great driving enjoyment and versatile family utilization.

Some of the key features of the new Suzuki SX4 Crossover include the following:

  • Distinctive crossover styling: bold, sporty crossover shape, strong lines, a refined, distinctive character and excellent aerodynamics;
  • More space for people and luggage: C segment dimensions with increased passenger space and luggage capacity (430 litres);
  • Next generation 4WD with ALLGRIP technology: the new 4WD system has four driver-selectable driving modes for better performance and safety under diverse conditions;
  • One of the lowest CO2 emissions in its category: engine refinements, superior aerodynamics, and the high tensile steel used in the bodywork;
  • World's first double sliding glass sunroof.

The new SX4 Crossover's design embodies three key themes: emotion, quality and aerodynamics. The latter enhance the fuel economy, and the highly distinctive look is ensured by the characteristic crossover shape, dynamic lines and numerous sophisticated touches. A sharp body line, wheel arch mouldings, skid plates and integrated roof rails underline the crossover styling. Furthermore, the model will be offered in a range of 10 exterior colours, where two of them are new: Crystal Lime Metallic and Amethyst Grey Pearl Metallic.

On the other hand, the interior of the model include exceptional features such as an instrument panel which is shaped to give a sense of width and dynamism. Its contours overlap the doors and the soft padding. The seats are shaped and stitched in order to emphasize a sense of sophistication, while the silver decorations create a sporty look against the black interior.

In terms of performance, the SX4 Crossover blends all-terrain crossover capability and on road performance. The powertrain delivers environmental compatibility and great performance. The performance results of the model come from the combination of exceptional attributes: 4WD SUV capability; great handling – derived from the Swift; pleasant, straight runningstability thanks to a long wheelbase; low CO2 emissions and fuel consumption – fulfilling the global needs for environmental compatibility.

To be more precise the engine options are 1.6-litre petrol and 1.6-litre diesel. The first one is based on the current M16A. Lower friction and lower weight in the engine and related parts heighten fuel economy without detracting from the high power and torque of the M16A. The second one, the 1.6-litre diesel engine offers superior fuel economy.

Both engines can be mated to either the standard five-speed and six-speed manual transmission system (for petrol and diesel engines respectively), or to a CVT transmission. The latter is the continuously variable transmission that has an auxiliary transmission which extends the range of gear ratios for an outstanding combination of acceleration, hill climbing performance and fuel economy.

Furthermore, the included Engine Auto Start Stop (EASS) system additionally increases fuel economy, limits exhaust emissions, and makes driving more pleasurable by limiting noise and vibration.

The CO2 emissions target for the new SX4Crossover petrol models are:

  • 125g/km* with two wheel drive (2WD) manual transmission;
  • 125g/km with 2WD CVT;
  • 136g/km* with 4WD manual transmission;
  • 136g/km with 4WD CVT.

The CO2 emissions for the diesel models are:

  • 110g/km* with 2WD manual transmission;
  • 115g/km* with 4WD manual transmission.

Dimensions Of Suzuki SX4 Crossover

New SX4 Current SX4
Overall length 4,300mm 4,135mm
Overall width 1,765mm 1,755mm
Overall height 1,575mm (16"wheels) 1,570mm (17" wheels) 1,565mm
Wheelbase 2,600mm 2,500mm
Treads Front 1,535mm Front 1,500mm
Rear 1,505mm Rear 1,495mm
Luggage capacity (VDA) 430L 270L
Tyre size 205/60R16 205/50R17 205/60R16

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