Ginetta has released first renderings of G55, which will be added to the GT lineup for the 2011 season. The new Ginetta GT Supercup will be sponsored by Michelin and features two Ginetta GT racers - the G55 and G50.

Ginetta G55 is powered by 3.7 liter engine provided by Ford with 370BHP (276 kW). The power plant is mated to a Hewland gearbox and fitted with cool air induction kit. The car also comes with new exhaust system and new body panels for better aerodynamics.

The race car is priced at €88 590 (£75 000).

There is an option to upgrade G50 to G55 - price is €29 530 (£25 000).

The new G55 will be unveiled at the at Autosport International in Birmingham (UK) on January 13th 2011.