2019 Guinetta supercarAhead of the official debut at the Geneva International Motor Show, Ginetta team has revealed numerous details about brand's latest project.

Blending refined engineering technologies and Ginetta's heritage in high-power low-weight road vehicles, the latest supercar is a performance-oriented machine with tons of capabilities. The latest family member blends Ginetta's 1960s design concept and contemporary technological breakthroughs, as seen with the 2019 LMP1 sports car.

The refreshed design features a mid-mid layout, which fits perfectly the drivetrain system, which was developed entirely in-house specifically for this particular model. Given the low volume of the machine, engineers weren't hesitating to utilize the chassis or the engine, allowing them to optimize every aspect of the car.

And as we talk about the engine, we should mention that this is an ultra-compact and lightweight unit, mounted further back, unlike the setup of a conventional supercar. This layout allows engineers to achieve the optimal weight distribution and aerodynamics, along with a race tuned suspension and excellent road stability and behavior.

2019 Guinetta supercar

The engine is a dry-sumped 6-liter 90-degree V8 unit, constructed from a single aluminum billet block with forged inners. As you might have expected, tis engine has been manufactured in-house by Ginetta's engineers and features brand's signature design for throttle bodies. Delivering a total of 600hp and 700Nm, the whole drivetrain system is especially designed to deliver a power to weight ratio of 545bhp per tonne. Sweet!

This supercar also incorporates a full carbon fiber monocoque chassis, clothed in carbon fiber body panels. This design language echoes the one on Ginetta LMP1 and contributes to a notable and eye-catching aesthetics.

But let's get back to the drivetrain system, shall we? There's an adjustable pushrod activated double wishbone suspension system. It features hydraulic power assisted steering and contributes to enhanced sporty experience. This system is further supported by a six-speed sequential paddle-shift unit with carbon-fiber propshaft. What is special about this gadget is that it was created in partnership with another British manufacturer and not only delivers super-fast changes, but also provides a menacing roar. Cool!

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In terms of interior, driver and passengers are welcome to sit in lightweight ergonomic seats, moulded in vehicle's carbon tub. Alcantara, carbon fiber and aluminum components define the interior and reveal not just a straightforward race-oriented nature of the cabin, but also a place for pleasure and comfort. There are ABS, traction control, reverse camera, automatic headlights, park sensors, air conditioning, heated screens front and rear, wireless phone charging and more.

2019 Guinetta supercar

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