2019 Honda Baja Ridgeline Honda Off-Road Racing Team continues its string of success and adds a second-place finish in the "7200" class for unlimited V6-powered trucks in the General Tire Casey Folks Vegas to Reno off-road race to the three victories already recorded at off-road events.

A part of the Best in The Desert series of off-road races, the "V2R" point-to-point race is the longest event of this type in US. It is a 550-mile run, which features a unique set of challenges and situations among which hot ambient temperatures, sudden and strong rain storms and substantial elevation changes. The track is also known for its numerous high-speed sections, as well as stretches of deep slit and thick dust, which can make overtaking difficult.

Starting first in the six-truck 7200 class, driver Jeff Proctor and navigator Evan Weller attempted to build an early lead as the field let Las Vegas and followed a course to Reno. Thick dust hampered their progress, which was followed by a flat tire near the service area.

Proctor and Weller eventually built up a six-minute class lead during the second hundred miles, but then the team was forced to make one more stop in order to address a fuel issue. The repairs dropped the pair to second in the race.

The Baja Ridgeline Truck

Generating 550hp via its HPD 3.5-liter HR35TT power unit, the drivetrain system uses the same block and cylinder heads as the production V6. Furthermore, there are numerous custom elements for the powertrain such as HPD-designed intake plenum and custom Engine Control Unit programing.

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Honda Off-Road Racing Team has scored three victories in four races this season, including class wins for Baja Ridgeline Race Truck at the Parker 425, Mint 400 and Baja 500. The team returns to action in November for the season-ending Baja 1000.

Source: Honda