2020 Honda Civic Type RFresh from its world debut at the Tokyo Auto Salon last month, 2020 Honda Civic Type R made its US debut at the Chicago Auto Show, appearing for the first time in public in its new and exclusive Boost Blue exterior color scheme. 2020 Civic Type R brings numerous changes and improvements to Type R's entire winning formula and proudly showcases new styling, improved handling and braking, improved engine cooling and the revised Honda Sensing safety and driver-assistive technologies.

In terms of exterior, new 2020 Civic Type R includes new two-piece brake rotors and brake pads that were especially designed in order to face and improve high-speed braking efficiency, while suspension revision for 2020 include updated dampers for improved ride comfort, stiffer rear bushings for better grip, and revision to the front suspension and steering for enhanced driving comfort. Additionally, the grille has been restyled in such a way that now allows for better engine cooling under high demand.

2020 Honda Civic Type R

Inside, 2020 Civic Type R features Alcantara-wrapped steering wheel, new shifter with a restyled knob and shorter shift throws. Furthermore, every 2020 Civic Type R will be equipped with Honda Sensing suite, making the system standard for all 2020 Type R models.

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As it comes to drivetrain system, 2020 Civic Type R draws power from a race-inspired 2.0-liter direct-injection turbocharged 4-cylinder engine with VTEC valvetrain that generates a total of 306hp and 295lb-ft. and distributes it to the front wheels and manages it via a close-ratio 6-speed manual gearbox and limited-slip differential. Also, just as with older models, drivers can choose between three driving modes – Comfort, Sport and +R – each one of the three alters suspension firmness, steering and throttle response. However, what's new for 2020 is the Active Sound Control system, which modifies interior sound in concert with one chosen drive mode. Type R's selectable drive modes and sophisticated design make it both a useful companion on a mountain road or a racetrack and super smooth and agile for a city ride at the same time.

2020 Honda Civic Type R

Additional information about 2020 Civic Type R will be available later this year. Stick with us!

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