Honda Concept B and Honda Spirior Concept were exhibited and shown for the first time at Auto China in April. Honda is now announcing it plans to introduce a mass-production model based on the Concept B in two years. On the other hand the market introduction of the production Spirior is scheduled before the end of this year, which means that we are soon to expect more detailed information about the car.

The Concept B is a five-door vehicle, which was developed specifically for the customers of the Chinese market. It has advanced looks and cool-looking exterior design. In addition, it offers excellent practicality. These qualities are realized via its compact hatchback style.

Moreover, Honda has disclosed that the development of a mass-production based on this concept model is currently in progress. It will be introduced to the market in two years.

The other world premiere at Auto China made the Spirior Concept. Spirior model was firstly introduced in 2009, and since then it has been providing the joy of driving with its advanced technologies.

Again, the car targets primarily by younger customers who live in urban areas and who pursue individuality. The new Spirior achieved significant advancements in exterior design, dynamic performance and technologies as well as safety features. With this individualistic and fun-to-drive model, the Japanese company is striving to set a new benchmark in the sporty sedan category.

Source: Honda