Honda S660 Concept Edition Front and Side View On April 2, 2015, Honda will begin sales of the fresh and ready to go two-seater S660. At the same day the limited S660 Concept Edition will also be released. By "limited" Honda means only 660 vehicles, that will be sold only in Japan. The S660 is definitely a beauty that deserves our attention. Here are some more details.

The two-seater is with a weight balance, which only Honda can create. You will deal with a mid-ship engine with a rear wheel drive, perfectly seated to create a low center of gravity that includes the 45-55 front-rear weight balance. All these fine tunings bring overall pleasure of driving, great turning capability and as always, highest levels of comfort.

The Honda team created a vehicle, which provides pleasure and comfort for anyone, who dares to try it. The S660 comes with newly designed turbo charger only to bring the right engine response. Only for this model, drivers will have the chance to try the 6-speed transmission that adopts ratio settings, finely tuned to bring the maximum extent of the engine. Furthermore, the S660 is also available with a 7-speed shifter that changes the mode to "sport", so the drivers can get that extra acceleration response.

The exterior is based on the "energetic bullet" design. This means, that the body is low and wide in order it can hold the ground on any of the four car corners. And of course, when we talk about bullets, we know that it means speed. The car design brings highest levels of dynamic and performance.

For the interior, Honda team went for intuitive and spacious concept, specifically created for sports driving. The high levels of quality and visuals do match the high levels of performance and overall quality.

The S660 is a proud member of the Honda family that contains all of the brand's characteristics, beauty and power. You should definitely check it out!

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