Volkswagen is one of the biggest car manufacturer in the world. The brand is owned by VAG, which also has Porsche, Audi and some more. One of the best-selling vehicles in the 20th century is Volkswagen Beetle followed by all series of VW Golf, which has been run since 1974. Until now, there are six series of the legendary Golf model with hundreds different sub-models and engines.

The used car market is huge and nowadays people always search for the best offer – low mileage car with a lot of extras and good condition. One of the good opportunities is to search for a volkswagen. They have a huge database with up to date offers, so the customers are able to choose carefully and to find the best possible car, which will suit to their needs.

Of course, Volkswagen and especially the Golf V model is a very good choice. Used vehicle on low mileage can be found as low as £3 000, which compared to a new vehicle costing five times more is superb offer.

Still, customers should be careful and always triple check their future cars. So, if you decide that a certain Volkswagen will suit to your needs, you have to check it's history, repairs and recent updates.

And remember, try to avoid cars with over 100 thousand miles on the clock, because not always, but most of the times these cars are very "tired".