2021 Volkswagen GTI InteriorMk 8 Golf GTI and Golf R come with an entirely new electronic designed, exclusively designed for this particular model in order to enable an advanced digital network of displays and controls within the cabin.

Driver and passengers enter the digital world once the Mk 8 doors are opened. The start button pulses in red until the engine is started and the VW Digital Cockpit Pro instrument cluster and infotainment system screens awake. Talking about the screens, the large 10.25-inch Cockpit Pro system integrates with the infotainment system in order to allow drivers to create a customized display of relevant information – vehicle status, driving data, phone info, driver assistance, and more.

Digitalization continues with the improvement of all the buttons across the cabin and the heads-up display projects onto the windshield relevant information and virtually floats in front of the driver.

The steering wheel has also received tons of upgrades and changes. It is fully capable of operating the Digital Cockpit and has touchpads for volume and audio selection. At the same time, the Travel Assist button engages the partially automated hands-on driving system and the capacitive sensors monitor in order to ensure that the driver has their hands on it. On the Golf R lineup, the R button takes the driver to the Driving Mode Selection where they can enable the selectable driving modes.

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Also, the vehicle's interior features ambient lighting – there are a total of 30 selectable colors and customizable lighting patterns that add a touch of customization within the cabin.

2021 Volkswagen GTI Interior