Nowadays one of the very substantial problems in the world is pollution. Air pollution is caused mainly because of the released fumes from different vehicle and airplanes. In addition to that, the exhaust of toxic gases from factories adds much to air contamination.

These facts result not only in dirty air, but also harm the environment, enlarge the ozone hole and threaten human's health. For example, the ozone depletion increases radiation and can cause skin cancer. It also contributes to global warming.

Therefore, as a mindful drivers we must take some precautions and make some effort. But how our precious rides can emit less toxic gases? Well, here are some ideas you can try!

Firstly, check the tires of your vehicle. It might sound strange but in fact when the tires are low in air this means that your vehicle is utilizing more gas. And in turn – using more gas means emitting more fumes. Consequently, always remember to inflate your tires properly. Another advantage here is that your car's fuel efficiency will increase.

Changing the oil on time makes your car emit less fumes

The second step is very important as well. Does your vehicle get a tune up every year? If your answer is no, then you might consider the following information. For instance, if you replace your car's electric wires and spark plugs annually this will not only make it run better, but also will produce less toxic gases.

Thirdly, may be it is time to become aware that changing the engine oil is one of the most substantial things to do. By using clean oil, your car will be "happy" and will work flawlessly. Another benefit is that the gas mileage will become far better as well. Oh, and of course – cleaner oil means less pollution!

The last advice I have for you is regarding the air filter. If it is clean, this will again make your car more fuel efficient as well as eco friendly.

Unfortunately, the places that are polluted today rise in number. Both air and water pollution damages the natural environment, causes harm or discomfort to humans and living organisms, and threatens the Earth's ecosystem. Therefore finding solution for this problem is essential and we can all contribute by making a little effort and creating a better space for living – not only for us, but also for the generations to come.