Hyundai i-Flow took a part at the Goodwood Festival of Speed (1-4 July) in the UK.  The car, designed at the company's European Technical Center, made its first appearance since impressing crowds on its global debut during the Geneva Motor Show in March.

Over 175 000 visitors attended the four-day festival, taking in high-performance supercars, motorsport vehicles and next-generation technology showcases such as the i-flow. 

The D-segment from Hyundai, i-flow boasts Hyundai's ground-breaking new design language and cutting-edge technology. Its sleek, elegant lines not only create a bionic, futuristic shape but also contribute to exceptional aerodynamics.  The drag coefficient of 0.25Cd helps to reduce CO2 output to just 85g/km and fuel consumption to only 3l/100km.  Hyundai's first diesel-electric hybrid powertrain, featuring the company's new 1,7-liter engine, plays a key role in delivering such an impressive CO2 emissions figure.

Furthermore, the i-flow features next generation materials and technologies, developed in cooperation with BASF, breaks the mould of traditional car interiors.  Innovative features include the ability of the main interface to recognize gestural inputs along its fascia-wide display.

The glossy Liquid Metal paint is also developed in partnership with BASF – adds to the visual impact of i-flow's exterior, giving a distinctive character to the car.

The Goodwood Festival of Speed is an exciting experience, and this year it is sure to be packed with eye-catching cars.   As we move the Hyundai brand upmarket, it is fitting that we showcase the bold i-flow at such a prestigious event.  It's a groundbreaking vehicle which has served as a test bed for our latest technologies and design ideas.  The FoS-TECH pavilion provides an excellent opportunity to show how Hyundai has become a leading eco-friendly manufacturer.", comments Allan Rushforth, Vice President at Hyundai Motor Europe.

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