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Hyundai News

hyundai showcases new i30

At this year’s Paris Motor Show Hyundai Motor team revealed the new i30 N “N Option”. Showcasing vision for future N vehicles, the automobile also demonstrates how Hyundai has decided to shape and gear new generation of cars. In fact, the engineering team has glimpsed that an already new N Option can be launched in the near future that would be based on this concept model. New i30 showcases a total of 25 different high-quality exterior and interior personalization options that include carbon-fiber rear

hyundai adds more value for the money with the latest elantra

2019 Elantra sedan is already here and will try to win fans and customers with new and sexy design, sophisticated drivetrain system and tons of contemporary technologies and handy features. Definitely appealing and sexy, the 2019 flagship model also relies heavily on enhanced safety features. So, let’s find out more, shall we? Features and technologies The vehicle showcases similar design to prior models and adopts similar drivetrain combinat

hyundai wins prestigious recognition for the new veloster turbo vehicle

Hyundai has managed to deliver us some outstanding vehicles and technologies. And when we think about it, for the last five or six years the brand has made huge leap forward and has fought for its place among the most prominent automobile brands in the world. And here we see this very same team and with yet another successful model unveiling. And not only that – Hyundai team takes home a prestigious Car and Driver’s Editor’s Choice award

hyundai unveils sexy concept at concours d'elegance festival

Hyundai team reveals its latest concept vehicle at the Concours d’Elegance of America, Michigan. Held between July 27-29, the festival will showcase some of the contemporary pinnacle vehicles in terms of drivetrain system, looks and advanced features. And what better place for Hyundai team to present its futuristic Le Fill Rogue. So, let’s jump right into the action and see what this bad boy has to offer to audience and critics! First of a

hyundai presents exclusive iron man influenced kona

In Tony Stark-like fashion, Hyundai team has unveiled a special edition Iron Man-inspired Kona SUV on the opening day of San Diego Comic-Con 2018. Taking central pace at the Marvel booth, Kona Iron Man Edition features numerous sexy exterior and interior design elements that resemble the prominent Iron Man suit. This p

hyundai showcases latest capabilities of ioniq lineup

Hyundai Ioniq lineup continues to deliver us more and more refined goodies and as the 2019 model rolls out from the fabric, broad list of safety features, utility gadgets and refinements accompany the advanced car in order to deliver us enhanced driving experience. So, let’s see what Hyundai team has prepared for us

hyundai reveals new veloster units. check them out!

Hyundai team reveals new Veloster and Veloster turbo models at the North American International Auto Show. Both vehicles showcase fresh design concept, comprehensive interior packaging, drivetrain upgrades and numerous more goodies that we are going to tell you about. Exterior styling Veloster comes with the styling

hyundai i10 is the most highly rated car of the year. details here.

Hyundai Motor UK was honored with the Most Highly Rated Car of the Year for the recently unveiled i10 model. The price is given by a prestigious online site that is known for its ways of choosing the winner – visitors are the ones who rate and score the models and there are not any kind of jury or experts that would otherwise change the vote. The i10 has already won numerous awards, including recognition from HonestJohn.co.uk that has also n