Unique Infiniti G37 Anniversary Art Project Vehicle commemorated the Infiniti's 20th Anniversary. Inspired by the amazing performers - Cirque du Soleil®, the one-of-a-kind G37 Sport Coupe exterior was hand-painted by the Montreal artist Heidi Taillefer.

"Celebrating 20 years of Infiniti is an important milestone and we wanted to do something truly unique and representative of the Infiniti brand to commemorate this occasion," said Wendy Durward, Director of Infiniti Canada. "The intricate, beautiful design is an expression of Infiniti's commitment to Inspired Performance in everything we do."

Heidi Taillefer's "Ligozzi" design was selected among few other artists designs specially asked to submit an exterior concept for the Infiniti G Coupe. She spent almost one month painting the vehicle. The G37 Anniversary Art Project Vehicle has no structural changes so the car could remain safe and driveable, and able to be auctioned off for charity at a later date.