Have you ever heard about Jensen cars? Well, if you have then you are fan of old automobiles. It is almost 13 years in which this name haven't been circulating in the automotive news, and this simply means that it is time for it to appear again. The big news here is that the brand is being born again thanks to the introduction of a Jensen GT car. This vehicle will mark the next chapter of company's history because it is now possible for anyone to purchase the officially sanctioned model.

The company is also planning to embark on other projects in the future. Precisely, there is envisioned an Interceptor 2 car that must launch next year and will be built with the help of a famous carmaker. It is strictly kept in secret though.

The car will make a bridge between the last Jensen model – 1976 Interceptor, and the aforementioned future model. Of course, to show its heritage, the GT car will include all of the classic design cues that were typical for generation one Interceptor, but will also benefit from contemporary design and many technology features.

Furthermore, the Jensen GT will also be the first legitimate new car to proudly carry the Jensen badge in the more than 13 years. The 2001 saw the demise of the S-V8 model that was a convertible. The car was powered by a Mustang based 4·6-litre engine producing 325 hp (239 kW). A coupe version was in the plans of the car maker, but because of its troubles the car never saw production.

Having this data in mind we have this question: are we to expect a Ford Mustang sourced engine again and will it be with bigger output than this?

Jensen GT Preview (2016) - picture 1 of 3
Jensen GT Preview (2016) - picture 2 of 3
Jensen GT Preview (2016) - picture 3 of 3

Source: Jensen Group