2016 Kia Optima

The redesigned Optima 2016 is definitely a symbol of the brand's ever evolving successful model. The Optima is redesigned, yet recognizable and is geared with longer and wider chassis, three different engine models and the seven-speed Dual Clutch Transmission. At the start of the sale, the 2016 Optima will be available with five trim levels - LX, LX Turbo, EX, SX Turbo and SLX. As the previous model, Kia will be built at West Point, Georgia.

We all know how successful the Optima line is. And now, with even more confidence, the brand releases the Optima 2016: a well-known sedan with new-age capabilities. The wheelbase is extended to 110.4 inches, and the overall width of the vehicle is increased with 1.0 inch to bring you overall of 73.2 inch. The redesigned model comes with the first bi-functional HID headlights - you get the Dynamic Bending Lambs and the High Beam Assist.

Optima's interior is larger and comfortable and precisely built for the redesigned cabin. The team paid special attention to the seats. Their distinctive frame and style make them more comfortable and soft. Driver's board is simple and stylish and contains a wide central console. This time the brand uses simpler aesthetics, mixed with smooth and firm feel. All the control buttons are precisely grouped, you will get the feeling of wide and spacious cabin. And of course, a wide variety of technology units is included. Get ready to deal with a car, geared with the next-gen techs and tweaks.

When it comes to performance, the top priority for the engineer team was the handling. The results of precise work and fine tuning are light-speed stability, lower reaction time and overall light handling. The 2016 Optima comes with three engine choices, that balance between fuel consumption economy or the sporty variation. Generally you will be choosing between 2.4-Liter GDI four-cylinder, capable of producing 185 hp (136 kW) at a 6,000 rpm and the 2.0-Liter GDI turbo, which brings you 247 hp (182 kW) at 1,350 rpm. Both of the engines are specifically built to fit perfectly the six-speed automatic gearbox. The third engine, the 1.6Liter four-cylinder turbo, will be offered on the LX trim. It brings you 178 hp (131 kW) at 5,5000 rpm. It mates with a seven-speed DCT.

There is a lot coming out for the Optima, so stay tuned and don't miss any facts!

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