The 24 Hours Le Mans is a testing, excruciating, nerve wrecking and even deadly endurance race. It is literally a 24 hour race and at the least two drivers need need to participate in each team. At the finish line, one might think there's a big sigh of relief for all participants. It is however, more or less a 15 minutes if glory type of thing.

Here's the story behind the scenes from the Chevrolet Team point of view. As soon as one race ends, it's back to the drawing board again – what went wrong, how can they do that better, should they be like this next year? And that's not even half the story. One would not imagine that the logistics of a car (or several of them) can be so complex. Mind you we are talking about a Le Mans car which has an entourage that can barely fit in a warehouse.

Check out these mini series and more around the 2012 24 Hours of Le Mans event that's coming to you this weekend.

2012 Le Mans Chevrolet Team

Source: prattmiller via YouTube