lexus is 200tLexus IS 200t will be the next Lexus vehicle, that will adopt the petrol turbo power. In fact, the 200t is the third model, that will be geared with this particular Lexus engine. The other two models are the NX 200t crossover and the RX 200t SUV.

What Lexus tries to achieve is a maximum torque of 350Nm and 241hp (180 kW). All this driven by the rear wheels with an eight-speed Sport Direct Shift automatic gearbox. Sounds good, right? Yes, it does. And it gets better with the 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph), that ends in 7 seconds with an average consumption of 40 mpg. What is interesting about the engine is that, it comes with numerous innovations and tweaks. For example the machine offers the aid of fast throttle response, minimal turbo lag and all this combined with not-that-bad fuel economy.

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Lexus IS 200t and the technology additions

The engine uses special intercooler system, that reduces the intake volume of the turbo and helps for vehicle's fast response. Furthermore, Lexus IS 200t offers and a twin-scroll turbocharger in order to reduce the waste of energy.

D-4ST fuel injection

The special fuel injection is split between the direct and the port injectors, which offers efficient fuel consumption and improves low-speed torque and economy. If Lexus really achieved such goals, then the brand went in the right direction.

lexus is 200t

Dual VVT-iW technology

And the Lexus IS 200t also offers innovative dual intelligent variable valve-timing technology (we all hope it will be something useful with that long name), indeed the Dual VVT-iW. It allows the vehicle to have the optimal torque levels throughout all the rev range and also helps better use of the Otto cycle and the Atkinson cycle. As you know, the Atkinson cycle reduces the pumping losses and offers better fuel economy.

Light weight and other features

The engine is also made of light materials and weights just 160kg. The nickel and steel elements ensure safe ride and heavy duty working: Lexus has done (or at least told us so), that there were about 10,000 hours of tests and experiments and one million kilometers driven, all this only to ensure quality and functionality. But we will see about this.

lexus is 200t

Smoothness and other goodies

Lexus IS 200t offers an engine, that is built like a tank and runs like.. like.. well, it runs like a good Lexus engine. There is a special calcium-free lubrication oil, that prevents engine knock at low revs, while the piston cooling oil makes further improvements in the anti-knock performance. Furthermore, Lexus managed to get rid of the "turbo sigh" effect. As you might know, this is an annoying noise, heard, when the throttle is closed. And now the Lexus IS 200t is geared with a special system, that delivers power without noise.

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