2016 Lexus LXLexus has launched the marketing campaign for the restyled 2016 Lexus LX 570, the sport utility vehicle that blends luxury with off-road flexibility.

The LX will go head-to-head in a friendly competition with Lexus' flagship vehicle, the LS Sedan and will climb a mountain in the Austrian Alps. And while the LS will demonstrate flexibility and precision, the LX, on the other hand, will use its off-road capabilities to climb straight up the mountain. In fact, both vehicles finish the race simultaneously, but have dramatically different approach. We leave it for you to witness them. In fact, it is interesting that both vehicles arrive at the destination at the same time. This also demonstrates their capabilities and character.

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The whole campaign will be integrated into broadcast, digital, print and out-of-home media. The TV spots will air during prime time with properties as the Thursday Night Football on CBS, ESPN College Football and many more. And on October 22, there will be a special social media event will be launched and will demonstrate stunts with a LX simulcast on numerous media platforms.

So, which way to the top do you prefer?

Source: Lexus

Video Source: YouTube