The tuning specialists from Lingenfelter boosted a fully built LS9 V8 with Eaton supercharger in a Chevrolet Camaro to the staggering 1243HP.

In order to do that, they almost completely reworked the engine - fully ported heads and loaded with titanium intake valves and hollow, sodium-filled exhaust valves. They also added a set of long-tube headers, a two-stage nitrous system and twin fuel pumps.

The transmission was fitted with RPS triple carbon clutch, 9.5" billet rear differential with a 4.10 gear.

The tuned version of Chevrolet Camaro made the impossible. The 4 075 pound (1850kg) monster stopped the clock at 8.99 seconds, when it crossed the finish at the quarter mile run with 158MPH speed.

Enjoy the video!