The tuning company LUMMA Design is going to preview what they have done on the Porsche Carrera 911 S for the first time. The project carries the name CLR 9 S and has aerodynamic package, beautifully designs light alloy rims and an attractive interior. Of course, the tuners have put a lot of attention on the details and this was made with the help of their CLR aerodynamic components. In particular, the front spoiler lip with integrated cup-spoiler sword is now combined with the CLR-design front grill frame. This undoubtedly this gives the LUMMA Design CLR 9 S very unique appearance. In addition, there have been included stylish headlights which add even further to the design. The overhanging fenders at the rear of the CLR 9 S are additionally emphasized by a three-part spoiler lip, which also provides increased down force at the rear axle. This results in improvement of the handling at high speeds.

With the installation of LUMMA Design four-pipe sports muffler made from a high-quality V4A-alloy and the matching tailpipes with a 90-millimeter diameter, the vehicle is now even sportier. The tailpipes, with their unique "pipe-in-pipe" design are also available individually, just like the CLR 9 S aerodynamic components, which are produced in OEM quality. Additionally, the LUMMA Design rear sports muffler is also available with valve control, which produces the gritty flat engine sound in an even more dynamic fashion. Of course, all this comes with an attractive exterior racing stripe kit. Furthermore, the Porsche sits on the unique LUMMA Edition "GS/R" Edition Sports Rims which are forged light-metal alloy rims. With a weight of just 9.4 kilograms in the 9 x 20" version and 11.4 kilograms in the 12 x 20" variant, the "GS/R" forged rims are truly lightweight. They are also available in tow colors – silver and black. The wheels of the LUMMA Design CLR 9 S measure 9 x 20 inches at the front and 12 x 20 inches at the drive shaft. High-performance tires measuring 245/30-20 and 305/30-20 are installed at the front and rear respectively.

LUMMA Design Porsche CLR 9 S

LUMMA Design has used of course only high-quality materials combined with the finest craftsmanship in the transformation of the interior. In details it is full leather interior: a mix of red leather and black alcantara. The two-color finish in leather and alcantara can be seen on the dashboard, sports steering wheel, roof, door panels, central console and the many other interior features. Everything is wrapped in leather and alcantara, except for the aluminum pedals and the white instrument panel. In addition, the range of sophisticated accessories from LUMMA Design is also exquisite: the door sill panels are made of aluminum, there is also include leather-trimmed velour mats and interior panels in embossed carbon leather. The aluminum pedals are fitted with rubber studs, rendering them highly slip-resistant. The steering wheel on the other hand is all covered with alcantara.

With the worldwide debut of the LUMMA Porsche CLR 9 S at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, LUMMA Design will present a completely modified Porsche Carrera 911 while remaining true to the original Porsche design.

Source: LUMMA Design