2020 Toyota GR Supra by Manhart Perfomance

More than a year has now passed since Toyota, after a long dry spell without a real athlete, revived a real legend in model history: the Supra. For the power specialists at MANHART Performance, the fact that there are BMW engines under the hood of the Toyota sports car was one of the main aspects with which the GR Supra literally suggested a refinement.

While the specialists from Wuppertal unveiled an optimized version of the Japanese two-door model for the first time about six months ago with the GR 450, they are now adding another: with the MANHART GR 550. As usual, the numbers in the designations stand for the performance: The three-liter in-line six-cylinder (B58) in its new tuning stage consequently generates a whopping 550 PS, which means an increase of a remarkable 210 PS compared to the standard performance! The maximum torque increases at the same time to up to 770 Nm (series: 500 Nm). The TTE 685 turbocharger upgrade is primarily responsible for this growth. A more powerful MANHART radiator by Wagner Tuning was also installed under the hood. In addition, there is a MANHART exhaust system by FI Exhaust, which leaves a lasting impression with its brute sound and connects to the engine via a sports downpipe by Wagner Tuning, including a 200-cells catalytic converter.

In keeping with its mighty power, the MANHART GR 550 has a sensational, sporty, dynamic look: The in-house Concave One rims come with a satin black finish and classic design, with six double spokes and fill the wheel arches in the dimensions 9x20 and 10.5x20 inch, with tires 255/30 ZR20 and 295/25 ZR20. They really look perfect. The matte foiling in MANHART-typical golden yellow, which is provided with decorative stripes in black and fine red accent lines, forms a strong contrast. For even more visual sharpness and overtaking prestige, the Supra also has a front spoiler lip by AC Schnitzer. And to top it off, last but not least - for reasons of appearance and driving dynamics - a lowering of the suspension should not be missed: The suspension upgrade was realized together with H&R.

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