MR Racing Volkswagen Golf Front ViewMR Racing Volkswagen Golf started as a simple Mk 7 GTD. When the tuners at MR Racing finished with it, we can say that it has nothing in common with its production siblings. And here it is why: the experts not only enhanced the visual appearance of the car, but also added more power to the output and created a special sound generator system, which produces a V8-like sound. There is more to that but you need to read further to get to know this version of the Golf better.

Sound Generator

The most interesting addition in this MR Racing Volkswagen Golf is the retrofit sound generator. It gave the diesel engine of the Golf more lusty and growling sound just like that one of a big V8.

If one installs the sound generator, then he or she can control it via an optional WLAN receiver using an Apple or Android smartphone app, which is even cooler. As a result we have a VW Golf fitted with MR Racing sound generator, integrated with a sports exhaust system with two 100mm tailpipes.

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In addition, the stock engine of the Volkswagen Golf GTD received significant uprating in terms of power and torque. By the way, the 2.0-liter four-cylinder common-rail turbo-diesel produces 184hp (135kW) and 380Nm (280lb-ft) of torque without any modification.

However, with the addition of a K&N sports air cleaner and software remap, this MR Racing Volkswagen Golf is now capable of putting out 221hp (162kW) and 450Nm (332lb-ft).


MR Racing Volkswagen Golf  Rear View

The customization does not end here. The specialists at MR Racing have added also a Rieger bodykit. It comprises of a new front spoiler lip and spoiler blade, as well as side skirts and a rear diffuser.

As a matter of fact, the MR Racing Volkswagen Golf looks a little bit wider. This visual appearance has been achieved with 40 mm wider front arch extensions from SRS-Tec.

Then the car was wrapped in an exclusive foil and fitted with in-house made MR14 alloy wheels in 9.0x20-inch ET45 size. They fill out the arches with the help of 235/30R20 Hankook Ventus S1 Evo tyres.

KW Variant 3 height-adjustable coil-over suspension is also there to support the new modifications. It features variable bounce and rebound control, that drops the ride height to add better look and handling.


 MR Racing Volkswagen Golf  Sound System

At last, the interior received only one but major update! It is a Pioneer AVIC-F 60 DAB Navigation System with DVD function, which has been integrated into the centre console. This high-end solution has an interface that allows unrestricted utilization of all vehicle functions, like the reversing camera for instance.

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