2014 Chevrolet Impala is going to be equipped with full-speed-range adaptive cruise control. This new feature will considerably decrease the number of repeated stops and starts during every day driving.

In fact, this 2014 Impala is the first Chevrolet vehicle which will offer this technology. The latter addresses the continuous task of braking and accelerating via a cruise control system that in turn allows the driver to maintain a driver-selected following gap with the vehicle ahead.

This full-speed-range adaptive cruise control system utilizes forward-looking radar, which allows the driver to choose the three gaps at which to follow the car ahead. These gaps are adaptable to the selected cruise speed. Therefore is ensured a larger distance between the cars at a higher cruise speed. In addition, the system automatically accelerates and stops the vehicle up to moderate levels in order to maintain the chosen gap.

Furthermore, the Adaptive Cruise Control still needs driver's full attention to the road condition, because when needed he or she can override the system and manually accelerates or stop. This new technology addition to the Impala can dramatically decrease the workload and stress associated with the everyday task of car following.

Two other features include in the car, will provide help in order to avoid or reduce the damage caused by crashes. The firs one is Forward Collision Alert, which signals when the driver is approaching a vehicle in front of them too quickly or if they are following much too closely.

The second is the Crash Imminent Braking that is offered with the ACC package and can intervene to automatically apply the brakes. Other available features on the Impala include Lane Departure Warning, Side Blind Zone Alert, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Rear Vision Camera, and Ultrasonic Rear Part Assist.

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