Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. announced today that it has started testing a vehicle with a next-generation fuel-cell stack.

Announced in August, the new fuel cell unit is 25% smaller than the previous model and provides 1.4 times the power output, 130Kw against 90kw before. With half the amount of platinum in its electrodes and a more durable catalyzer, it will also last longer and be less expensive to build.

Working toward commercial introduction of the fuel-cell stack, Nissan began onboard testing in late 2008, and in February this year started cold-weather testing at its Hokkaido Proving Ground. Nissan will show the technology at FC Expo 2009*, one of the world's largest fuel-cell exhibitions, scheduled for Tokyo Big Sight February 25-27.

The next-generation fuel-cell stack is part of a range of eco-friendly technologies that Nissan is pursuing under Nissan Green Program 2010, a plan focused on developing new technologies, products and services leading to real-world reductions in CO2 emissions, cleaner emissions, and expanded recycling of resources.

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* FC Expo 2009 (Fifth International Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Expo) Dates: Wednesday-Friday, February 25-27 Venue: Tokyo Big Sight